Marble Kitchen Table Ideas

Marble Top Kitchen Table Set
Marble Top Kitchen Table Set
Oct 17th

Marble kitchen table-With building table frames can create a custom look fraction of the cost you would pay at a furniture store. You have built a framework of the table; you can add an attractive marble kitchen table to complete the look in the kitchen.


Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of your marble tile. Subtract four inches from the length and width of the plate to find the dimensions of your table frame. These dimensions will enable a two inch overhang on all four sides of the frame. Cut two pieces of two and four hardwood to the length measurement you just took using a circular saw. Use the circular saw to cut two and four hardwood to the width measurement you just set, minus four inches.

Stand the four boards upright on its longest narrow edges. Sort boards in a rectangular shape, sandwiching the shorter boards between the ends of the longer. Drive 4-inch wood screws through the long boards in the thickness of the shorter to secure the frame. Place the table frame in the desired position. Adjust marble kitchen table so that it is centered over the frame. It will hang over the edges of the frame by approximately two inches on all four sides.

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Marble kitchen table – Marble is a natural rock metamorphic origin whose main component calcium carbonate and contains impurities of other metals that give various colorations and veins, is very versatile in use on boards of kitchen, but is very sensitive to chemical reactions and mechanical attacks , this manifests itself optically in the appearance of stains and scratches or scratches. Its durability in kitchen boards depends on the care they provide, because they require great delicacy and attention. It would be advisable not to use in kitchens with high traffic or industrial where splashes can not be cleaned rapidly.

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In his favor may say that present varied colors with delicate veining that make these boards unique and decorative pieces, are resistant to heat, shock and resist moderate if aging can be regrinding as their condition. As readily reacts with acidic or basic substances, it is very likely to cause stains on its surface with products normally used in cooking as a seasoning, lemon, vinegar, etc. Maintenance and continuous care marble kitchen table.

If the marble kitchen table has lost its shine and is very lackluster, we can improve their appearance by pouring a handful of salt and then rub with a damp cloth. Finally, rinse with water and dry with a cloth.

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